I might be a different way of life like others people. I do not know, sometimes I feel lonely, but happy to have come once in a while. Seeing of another person who has a life full of joy, as they are able to feel the beauty of life in the world. Now I do not know what made me do not believe in reality.  Yes, a statement like what happened this whole story is written from the start. Yes, I admit it's all right things, but sometimes I feel like my life is pushing me. In friends, sometimes I'm like the first in keeping our relationship. why? Because I want long-lasting relationships friends. I assume that everyone around me is all important. But, I do not know whether they even feel the same :(. Sad When I wanted to remember, so I'd better save. 

Due to my physical, some people like to kill. Killing mentally. Speak like I'd have no feelings. But, God is ever anything. God is everything in my life. God of my strength. I do not know, sometimes when people said mean to me, I felt myself even so there is no feeling. Please stop doing what makes people sad. we do not realize it, but when we are trying to turn back each time what is happening maybe hurt one's heart. Who knows. Not easy for the change, we will act according to the situation and that is when we will change personally. 

How'd you feel when life favors can not accept the truth? I want to be a good daughter, but maybe i'm over act until they mad at me :( . Room is where I express all my feeling. Thing It does not matter what it is willing to listen. Cry tonight, when I wake up in the morning as there is no problem. One of a kind idiot. Remember when the primary school age ago, I very grateful for what happened that time made me more prepared with what will happen. Haha. Crying in the toilet because friends always make fun of. Kids right. But when in high school, I met many different people. when I was 14, and since that I know the meaning of that new friendship. I just want to say thanks for befriending me. I will not forget our memories. Nden, Until I was 17, and they are still with me. Friends school every day we'll find them but my neighbors over the years they're with me.

I'm sorry for everything i wrote here. I express is to give some sense of the people who have the same experience as me. remember we are not alone because we are with our Creator. And He would create many more wonderful things in our lives. Thank you for reading . May Allah bless all of us. 

Love, syz